10 sheets to 120 sheets per book

High quality book binding

Recycled paper binding tape strips
Various binding tape strips color (standard four-color)

Tape cartridge made by paper
Easy replacement by the tape cartridge system

Ÿ Near-line Tape Binder

Near-line Automatic Tape Binder

Ÿ Book binding system that is suitable for small-lot production and variable digital printing system.

œ High quality book binding.
œ Strong page adhesive force due to the thermal welding method.
œ High-speed binding (Up to 150 books / hour).
œ Automatic tape strips supply and easy replacement by cartridge system (100 binding tape strips / cartridge).
œ Environmentally friendly recycled paper binding tape and tape cartridge made by paper.
œ Damage less and stable paper feeding by air vacuum system.
œ Front / back cover sheets feeding available.
œ System productivity and efficiency improvement.
œ Separate operation with main printing system.
œ No productivity reduction of the main printing system during book binding.
œ Multiple printing documents can be handled.
œ Regardless of main printing system change.

Ÿ Multiple printing documents can be handled.

Ÿ Application

Reports,Manuals,Specifications,Financial statements,Meeting materials,Catalogs,Rosters,Company brochure,House Terms,Seminar textbooks,Teaching materials,Exercise books,Presentation materials,Research paper,Proposals,Albums,Books,On-demand publishing,Community books,Magazines,etc.

Ÿ Main spec.

Paper size 8.5h x 11h (LEF) or A4 (LEF)
Paper weight 64 - 216 gsm
Paper feed capacity Approx. 100mm~2-stage stacking height.
Front / back cover sheets feeding available.
Feeding speed Approx. 100 sheets / minute
Paper capacity per book 10 - 120 sheets / book
Productivity Up to 150 books / hour
Book stacking capacity Equivalent to 1,500 sheets
10 sheets to 49 sheets / book : 30 books
50 sheets to 120 sheets / book : 15 books (80gsm)
Tape cartridge 100 Binding tape strips / Cartridge
Binding tape strip colour Standard four-colors (Black, Red, White, Navy)
Job operation setting 1) Specified in panel operation
2) End mark detection (optional)
3) Panel operation and End mark detection (optional)
Power consumption Sheet feeder module : 360W
Tape binder module : 1,075W (Warm up) / 420W (In operating)
Machine size, weight 1,390 (W) x 705 (D) x 1,105 (H) (mm)A242kg
¦Specifications and appearance of the product is subject to change without notice.